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SmarTemp Ultra Light A1 50ml Automix Split Cartridge, 10 Tips

Item #:110-S337 
Manufacturer Item: S337
Manufacturer: Parkell, Inc.
Available: 1
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Smartemp is 64% filled with radiopaque barium glass and fumed silica, so it creates a tough, durable restoration thats not brittle. It has a flexural strength of 110 Mpa, making it less likely to fracture. Smartemp has a viscosity thats easy to handle, with an extended doughy stage so it wont lock on during removal. Its radiopaque, making it easy to detect on an X-ray.

• Thicker viscosity for easier manipulation
• Extended doughy stage means easy removal from the mouth
• Visibly radiopaque for easier detection
• Minimal shrinkage

Shade: A1 Ultra Light

Contains: 1 (50ml) Cartridge and 10 Tips per Package