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As you are all aware, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for PPE, infection control products and other various items that were not otherwise traditionally consumed has significantly increased. This heightened demand will continue to present disruptions to the supply chain into the unforeseeable future. The entire DHPI team is working diligently to source the Critical Care Products your practice needs to reopen while striding to maintain fair market pricing and ensure proper product certifications.

Product Allocation & Availability

Weekly purchase limits currently include: 

Promotions on infection control products are suspended or limited until further notice.

Please note: If your office will be closed or has adjusted hours, please ensure that you have a process in place to accept shipments from DHPI. We strongly advise keeping your orders in queue. We are receiving supply in an ongoing basis. 


No returns will be accepted for any infection control products until further notice.

Product Update as of 5/15/20

DHPI has access to KN95 masks. Deliveries will begin within the next two weeks. Please contact your DHPI Account Manager for the latest ETA. We have done our due diligence with sourcing. Here are some key points:

  • This mask is KN95 certified per performance standard GB2626-2006 which meets Asian criteria to be a true KN95 mask.
  • This KN95 mask is CE registered as an equivalent to a FFP2 European mask which is defined as a medical use mask. This mask, however, is not to be used in a surgical setting.
  • This mask is manufactured in an FDA registered facility. The manufacturer has applied for EUA status based on new FDA requirements.
  • These KN95 masks are covered under the current COVID-19 1135 waiver.
  • This KN95 mask is superior to a Level 1, 2, or 3 ear loop exam masks due to fit.  
  • These KN95 masks feature a woven fabric material similar to clothing with a non-molded construction and are soft to the touch on skin. White, 5 Layers, Woven, >95% effective at 0.2micron.   
  • Prepay is required and no returns will be accepted.

Pricing Stability

Price fluctuations are a result of significantly elevated demand, increased raw material costs, increased manufacturing labor wages, and increased transportation costs. We are doing everything within our power to mitigate the impact on your practice; however, you will see prices that are higher than usual. A concerted effort has been made to hold pricing and terms where possible, for as long as possible, and if costs to source PPE ease, we will act accordingly.
Our team is here to assist you in any way possible. Please, let us help you plan and prepare for your Grand Re‐Opening and demonstrate to your patients and employees that your practice is safe and ready for business. Our team is prepared to take your call, 800-626-2163

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