DCI Edge

Series 5 Operatory Package

DCI Edge’s Series 5 line of dental equipment means efficiency and style, combining advanced technology with extensive industry experience. Our Series 5 dental chairs, operatory lights, and delivery systems offer industry leading comfort and ease of use, without all the sticker shock. Browse our selection, and upgrade to the best dental equipment money can buy.

DCI Edge Series 5 dental equipment is top of the line, meaning you’ll never need to compromise style with flexibility. Our delivery systems eliminate workplace clutter and accommodate all the devices you currently use, plus room for more. Meanwhile our Series 5 dental chairs are the ultimate in comfort, offering a low chair height to ensure a proper working position for all patients. For the most accurate work, our Series 5 operatory lights shine brighter, ensuring that you’ll be able to properly illuminate the oral cavity and operate with optimal visibility. Have questions? Browse our support resources, and find all the answers you need.


Series 4 Operatory Package

For DCI Edge, our Series 4 dental equipment means stylish simplicity at a price that fits any budget. No matter if you need delivery systems or operatory lights, Series 4 equipment is the perfect fit for any dental office. Plus, we have Series 4 delivery systems for non-DCI chairs, so you can update your workflow without investing in new chairs.

DCI Edge is known as an industry leader in dental equipment, and the Series 4 line is no exception to our high standards. Series 4 is perfect for the value-minded dentist, offering sleek and efficient design at an affordable price. Whether you need an operatory light that won’t break the bank, or a flexible delivery system, trust DCI Edge for your dental equipment solutions.

LED Operatory Lights

DCI’s selection of dental operatory lights feature breakthrough LED technology delivering next level lighting performance. With our Series 5 and Series 4 lights, we ensure that regardless of your price range, dental lights that fit your needs are in reach. With advanced features like programmable no-touch sensors and 3rd axis head rotation, our Series 5 lights offer optimal performance for all working styles.

DCI Edge is an industry leading manufacturer of dental chairs, lights, delivery systems and more. Whether you’re a dental equipment dealer in New York or a dentist in Chicago, DCI offers equipment solutions that make your life easier. Plus, our extensive catalog of support topics offer answers to all your dental equipment questions.

Series 5 Cabinetry

Maximize your treatment space and keep your operatory room organized with dental cabinetry. DCI Edge is proud to provide durable, high-quality dental cabinetry for all your dental equipment needs. If you’re looking for a place to store your dental hygiene equipment, such as fluoride trays, prophy angles, varnish, or instruments, the ample accessory and supply storage makes for efficient operatory function. Large items such as nitrous oxide tanks easily fit in the side storage cabinets and delivery cabinets. Whatever your need, DCI Edge has the right cabinets for you.

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