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In addition to Progeny, Vatech, Belmont, Suni, Air Techniques and KaVo Kerr, Dental Health Products, Inc. offers an extensive lineup of unique Digital Products and Solutions from some of the top Manufacturers and Software Developers in the Industry! No matter your need, from Practice Management Software to the most advanced Cone Beam 3D Imaging Technology, DHPI has you covered! When you partner with DHPI for your Digital needs, rest assured you’re working with the best in the business!

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Acteon pspix2

Acteon PSPIX²® Cordless Imaging Plate Scanner

The advanced technology used inside this scanner marks a turning point in terms of excellence. The new PSPIX2 is as much as three times smaller than other imaging plate scanners, making it the most compact system on the market! The new PSPIX2 is the only scanner on the market with optional removable parts that can be sterilized in an autoclave to give maximum protection. The removable parts provided with each purchase comply with dental washer disinfector.


ACTEON® presents its new X-MIND® TRIUM panoramic dental unit which can be upgraded to 3D (CBCT) and/or cephalometry. It has a full range of medium FOV sizes to facilitate 2D and 3D examinations. X-MIND® TRIUM is equipped with an acquisition and reconstruction algorithm which ensures a perfectly uniform and high quality image on all visual axes.

DentiMax Sensors

  • Size 1 and 2 Sensors
  • Starting at under $6999
  • 10 Combo Packages available to choose from

Ask about our "One of a Kind" Turn-Key Laptop Solution and Practice Management Bundles!

gendex sensors, dental

Gendex Sensors

The GXS-700, designed to make migrating from film, or upgrading a digital system, easier than ever. As the eighth generation digital sensor from Gendex, the GXS-700 system comes from a strong lineage of imaging excellence, raising the performance bar for other digital sensors.
  • High quality image capture provides brilliant diagnostic results
  • Advanced CMOS sensor technology enhances image quality, elevating technical and diagnostic capabilities
  • High-performance sensor captures high resolution images, providing more than 20 visible line pairs per millimeter
  • Two ergonomically designed sensors improve patient comfort
  • Direct hi-speed usb 2.0 connectivity offers optimum portability
  • Software integration and “always ready” image capture improves workflow

Polaroid Keren HD Sensors

Polaroid is proud to introduce its imaging product line the Keren HD intraoral sensor. Superior image quality is guaranteed via high-definition, a theoretical resolution of >25lp/mm associated to 14 bit grey levels. Accompanying software further lends itself to image perfection as a color gauge on the finished image allows you to determine your optimal x-ray parameters. Additionally, image modification through standard software for the Keren HD, enables you to refine images through contrast, brightness and gamma values to your preference. The Keren HD utilizes CMOS sensor technology with a fiber optic, scintillator, and shock absorption area that all together enable efficient, effective and long lasting solutions for your diagnostic needs.

Prexion Excelsior 3D CBCT

The PreXion Excelsior advances all CBCT core technologies including the
X-Ray Tube and FPD. The Excelsior couples the smallest focal spot (0.3 mm)
with the following: voxel size of 0.1 – 0.2; 1024 volume size; 360° gantry rotation; 16 bit grayscale; and advancements in the PreXion software – resulting in unprecedented diagnostic clarity. In addition, the PreXion Excelsior can deliver 30% lower patient dose without compromising the image quality. The PreXion Excelsior has 4 fields of view (FOV), 48 preset scan mode options, bitewing capture, TMJ capture, and the optional Cephalometric. Direct applications include relevancy in implantology, orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, TMJ, airway analysis, and ENT.

Progeny Vantage C

The Progeny Vantage® C is designed to meet your practice needs. Progeny Vantage® C is available with two sensors—panoramic and cephalometric for optimal examination efficiency, or with one sensor when the clinic requires occasional cephalometric exams. Purchase a Progeny Vantage® Panoramic System knowing that you can add the cephalometric option in the future. Enhanced by the exclusive Clarity Enhanced Imaging Filter Set, Vantage C provides soft tissue visualization for the detailed patient profiles necessary to identify the bony and soft tissue landmarks. These critical points of reference are essential for accurate measurement in orthodontic patient treatment care planning.

Sota Claris i5HD, dental equipment

Sota Claris i5HD

The All-New Claris i5HD takes advantage of the most advanced sensor and fastest video processor technology, allowing it to effortlessly capture the best intraoral images on the market in true high-definition. This along with the space-grade, anodized aluminum body gives the i5HD the durability it needs to last in even the most hectic of office environments. Unlike other "HD" cameras that merely resize images to high-definition resolution, our Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera is equipped with a native high definition imaging sensor, reducing pixelation and unwanted artifacts that may obfuscate proper diagnosis. Be assured that your images will look crisp, clear, and vibrant on even the largest display formats. With a less than 5% distortionrate, you can be confident that your images will communicate exactly what's going on. The hassle-free setup has never been easier and will have you working seamlessly with all major imaging software within minutes.

Sota Clio Sensors

  • ALL NEW Direct Integration Technology
  • Thin sensor hardware with rounded corners for maximum comfort
  • Direct USB cable with no docking station
  • Repairable USB cable for longevity of sensors
  • Fiber optic plate sensors for low-noise ratio
  • Largest active area for maximum coverage
  • Fully waterproof sensor head with sealed cable and housing design

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