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High Copper Dispersed Phase Amalgam 2 Spill Regular Set 600mg 500 Caps Health-Tec

Item #:100-UTD2500RS 
Manufacturer: DHPI Brand Supplies
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Health-Tec High Copper Dispersed Phase Amalgam handles like dispered phase, smooth spherical carve, and high early strength.

Approximate Metal Composition: 40% Silver/ 30% Tin/ 30% Copper
Physical Properties: 1 hour strength 30,000 psi, 24 hour strength 65,000 psi.
Static Creep: 0.05%
Expansion: +/-2m/cm
Trituration Time: Medium Speed 10 +/-2 seconds.

Set Time: Regular
Spill: 2 (600/mg Alloy/600mg Mercury)

Contains: 500 Caps per Package
This product can only be shipped by ground transportation, it cannot be shipped by air.
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