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Trimming & Finishing Carbide Burs FG 7214 Taper Pointed 12 Blade 5/pack Health-Tec

Item #:180-HTFG72145 
Manufacturer: DHPI Brand Supplies
Clearance - Discontinued Item, Available: 105
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Trimming and Finishing FG Carbide Burs are often used by dentists to smooth the walls of a prepared tooth, finish and polish composite and porcelain restorations and by orthodontists to remove bonding adhesive used to place brackets.

• Maximum cutting efficiency
• Shank of each bur is gold- or nickel-plated to protect against corrosion and to provide excellent gripping by handpiece

Bur Number: 7214
Shape: Taper Pointed
Diameter: 010
Head Length: 5.6

Contains: 5 per Package
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