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SonicFill 2 Intro Kit

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Manufacturer Item: 36044
Manufacturer: Kerr Restoratives
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The SonicFill™ 2 Intro Kit is the perfect way familirize oneself with the SonicFill system, as it includes everything necessary to get started.

•Best when used in combination with the SonicFill™ Handpiece to provide sonic activated delivery which reduces viscosity upon extrusion and allows for thorough acclimatization of the composite to cavity walls
•Its non-sticky, non-slumping nature after a cavity is filled allows for fast, simple shaping and sculpting
•High depth of cure and low shrinkage stress
•Cavities up to 5mm in depth can be filled and cured in one bulk increment
•Indicated for use in all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth
•Additional indications include: base/liner material, repair of enamel defects, repair of provisionals, repair of porcelain restorations, minor occlusal build-ups, pit and fissure sealant, luting of composite/ceramic veneers, core buildups and incisal abrasions

Contains: 1 SonicFill Handpiece; 60 Unidose Tips, 40 of Shade A2, 10 of Each Shade: A3 and A1; 1 Technique Guide, 1 Directions For Use; 1 Getting Started Kit