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BioRoot RCS Root Canal Sealer 15gm Bottle, 35 -0.20ml Pipettes & 1 Measuring Spoon

Item #:330-01E300 
Manufacturer Item: 01E0300
Manufacturer: Septodont
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BioRoot™ RCS is a bioactive and biocompatible root canal sealer.

•Mineral based root canal filling materials for permanent canal obturation
•Active Biosilicate Technology
•Designed for general dentists and endodontic specialists
•Incorporates an easy to use cold obturation technique, ensuring a long lasting, leak-free seal
•High pH (~11) stops bacterial growth and alleviates risk of intracanal reinfection
•Biocompatible and resin-free
•Easy to hand-mix and place

Contains: 1 (15 g) Bottle, 35 (0.20 ml) Pipettes, 1 Measuring Spoon
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