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Safe-Flo Valve Adapter Universal One-Way High Volume to Standard Blue/Gray 50/bag

Item #:540-M1020ADAP 
Manufacturer Item: M1020ADAP
Manufacturer: Crosstex International
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 According to the CDC, studies have reported that backflow in low-volume suction lines can occur and microorganisms present in the lines can be retracted into the patient's mouth when a seal around the saliva ejector is created or when a length of the suction tubing holding the tip is positioned above the patient's mouth. This backflow can be a potential source of cross-contamination. 
  • Safe-Flo Adapter allows you to use the HV suction line with a standard saliva ejector, providing a higher level of suction to the saliva ejector
  • Using the HV valve can help reduce the bioaerosol and control the volume of water in your patient's mouth, while preventing backflow if your patient closes their mouth