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BioSonic UC300 Ultrasonic Cleaner With Basket 3.8 GallonTank

Item #:770-COLUC300115B 
Manufacturer Item: UC300B115
Manufacturer: Coltene
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Buy 1 BioSonic UC300 OR UC300R Ultrasonic Cleaner, Get 2 Cases of BioSonic Solution Free. Offer Valid 10/01/19-12/31/19. Free Goods Shipped By Manufacturer.
BioSonic® Ultrasonic Cleaning System uses a process created by high frequency sound waves to effectively remove gross and microscopic debris from dental instruments.

•Large 3.75-gallon capacity for maximum performance
•Multiple tasks and versatility in a single unit
•Compatible with popular cassette systems
•Recessed model available for installation flexibility

Contains: 1 per Package
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