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Vella 5% Fluoride Varnish Strawberry 100 -0.5ml

Item #:950-770043 
Manufacturer Item: 770043
Manufacturer: Preventech
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Buy 1 Box of 100ct, Get 1 Box of 35ct Free. Offer Valid 01/01/20-03/31/20. Free Goods Sent By Manufacturer.
Vella 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish with xylitol offers improved esthetics and a smooth, easy application in great-tasting flavors. When a varnish application looks better, feels better in the mouth and tastes great, it’s sure to improve patient compliance. It's thin layer formula applies easier, with no clumps, lumps or stringy messes. Vella sets quickly in saliva and has great fluoride uptake at two hours. 

  • New Clearer Look
  • Better Patient Compliance
  • Contains Xylitol

Flavor: Strawberry
Size: 0.5ml per Package

Contains: 100 per Box
This product can only be shipped by ground transportation, it cannot be shipped by air.
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