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Tray Aways #8 Solid Partial Upper Left, Lower Right 12/bag 2.15" x 2.33"

Item #:310-0921891 
Manufacturer Item: 0921891
Manufacturer: Keystone Industries
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Buy 2 Bags of Tray Aways, Get 1 Tac Spray or 1 Standard Kit Free. Offer Valid 07/01/20-09/30/20. Free Goods Shipped With DHPI Order.
Tray-Aways are disposable impression trays for use with alginate or other types of impression materials where detailed reproduction and dimensionally stable results are vital. Made from rigid, high-impact FDA approved styrene. Smooth, rounded edges, interior retention slots and vertical perforation enhance material retention.

Color: Blue
Number: 8
Type: Solid Partial Upper Left, Lower Right

Contains: 12 per Bag
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