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BluTube Dental Unit Water Purification Cartridges 2/pack

Item #:530-BT180 
Manufacturer Item: BT180
Manufacturer: ProEdge Dental Water Labs
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Continuous waterline treatment for safe, compliant dental unit water quality. BluTube controls microbial contamination by eluting non-allergenic and elemental iodinated resin. Two-cartridge system ensures effective protocol for up to one year. Aligns with ADA's BMPs for amalgam separators.
Effectively treats your dental unit waterlines to be in compliance with the CDC's / 500 CFU/ml standard for potable water. 
Proven to maintain water quality below 200 CFU/ml. 33% stronger than competing cartridges over the period of 1 year. Two-cartridge system ensures effective protocol, limiting failures, remediation and retesting. Includes easy-to-use dummy straws for quick shocking.