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Vac Attak GREEN 800gm

Item #:550-9011105 
Manufacturer Item: 9011105
Manufacturer: Premier Dental
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Buy 6 Jars of Brite Shield, Vac Attak or Vac Attak GREEN, Get 1 Brite Shield, Vac Attak or Pro Clean Free. (Brite Shield Sent Unless Otherwise Requested) Offer Valid 10/01/19-12/31/19. Free Goods Shipped By Manufacturer.
New Vac Attak GREEN is specifically designed to deliver a safe, effective and environmentally-friendly evacuation system cleaner that's compliant with the EPA's Clean Water Act. With a neutral pH and no oxidizing agents, Vac Attak GREEN meets the ADA's best management practices, With its non-foaming and Non-corrosive enzymatic formulation, it is safe and gentle for every day use with all amalgam separators. This evacuation system cleaner is still Vac Attak-tough to clean your lines of bio-burden, prophy paste and fluoride gels.
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