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GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC Alloplastic Bone Grafting System Large 3 -0.4ml

Item #:860-C11008 
Manufacturer Item: C11-008
Manufacturer: Sunstar Americas, Inc.
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Buy 1 C-11-008 (Large) GUIDOR easy graft CLASSIC alloplastic bone grafting sysytem, Get 1 Trail Pack Free. Offer Valid 10/01/20-12/31/20. Free Goods Shipped By Manufacturer.
GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC Alloplastic Bone Grafting System is the first particulate bone grafting material designed to be syringed directly into a bone defect, hardening into a stable, porous scaffold in approximately 1 minute and eliminating the need for a dental membrane in many cases.

• 100% synthetic, fully resorbable and unit-dose application
• Complete system that eliminates the need to guess which liquid (e.g., blood, saline) to mix with the granules
• Ideally suited for filling voids around immediate implant placements and ridge preservation after tooth extraction

Size: Large, 0.4ml

Contains: 3 per Package
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